About Sabrina

Think Bigger!

Sabrina Lloyd has always been a leader. Leadership takes many different forms, but Sabrina has the distinct ability to lead through example. Her work with Lloyd Agencies is the perfect example of this quality. As the driving force behind the company, Sabrina helps her team achieve their professional and personal goals. But Sabrina’s path to Lloyd Agencies is not as direct as one might assume.

After her undergraduate education at the University of Toronto, Sabrina thought her next step was medical school. Pursuing an MD seemed a sure-shot to financial security and also would allow Sabrina to educate and help people in direct and measurable ways. She had positioned herself well to take that plunge into more academia, but a chance meeting changed everything. Ms. Lloyd was recruited by American Income Life and her professional trajectory changed.

Sabrina now operates under her own company name. Lloyd Agencies is a premier member of the AIL family, though they now focus on a broader client based and market themselves differently. Lloyd Agencies is more lifestyle oriented, both in how they approach business and how they’ve developed their company culture. As a result, they are a winning team. In the last five years, Lloyd Agencies have surpassed agencies that have been around for decades.

What drives Sabrina Lloyd? Ambition to be the best, and desire to perform at the top of her game at all times. She doesn’t want to keep the secrets of her success to herself. Sabrina shares her message and her methods with people during her motivational speaking engagements at her own agency, and at agencies around the country.

Sabrina Lloyd’s message is simple: Think Bigger. That’s what she does, and that’s what she wants everyone else to do. Her message is about pushing to get into the top 10%, and being the best at what you do.